About The Alliance

The Old Copper Road Preservation Alliance is a nonprofit organization formed to recognize, preserve, protect and disseminate the significant history of the route known as the Old Copper Road.  The 47 mile corridor which was constructed in 1851 for the purpose of hauling copper from Ducktown, TN, runs alongside the world-class Ocoee River and the Appalachian Mountains to the railroad in nearby Cleveland, TN.  On February 8, 1963, the Tennessee General Assembly officially named the stretch of highway between Ducktown and Cleveland as the Old Copper Road.

The purpose of the alliance is to ensure the route’s historical significance and character are preserved for future generations, to promote and market the highway for its scenic beauty, rich cultural heritage and unique features; engage in beautification and other enhancements along the corridor; encourage economic growth and commerce; and to disseminate the story in a way that enhances both local residents and visitors’ knowledge of the route.

Key Goals of the Alliance

—Conduct research activities aimed at preserving and protecting the history of the Old Copper Road and the significant role it has played in the development of the Ocoee Region.

—To enhance signage and beautification of the Old Copper Road/US Highway 64 corridor in both Bradley and Polk Counties. 

—Promote the history and unique features found along the road through multi-media outlets such as brochure, website, social media, and advertising to better acquaint the local community and regional visitors to the many significant events which have taken place over the last 160+ years along the route.

——To encourage commercial development and economic growth along US Highway 64 between Cleveland and Ducktown.